Build Your Volvo

We know finding the right vehicle can be a challenge, especially with the inventory issues as of late. Please use the options below to find the perfect vehicle for your needs! You can even build a new 2023 Volvo car or SUV out to meet your exact needs and wants.

Search Inventory Button
Shows if we have any in-stock vehicles for that model. The number in parenthesis shows how many we have at this very moment. It will take you to a listing of all those vehicle directly.

Reserve an In-Transit Unit Button
Let us know what you are looking for and we'll provide you with today's information on everything currently In-Transit from Volvo to Oklahoma City, along with providing you an ETA on when we expect the vehicle to arrive.

Build Yours Button
This allows you to build a vehicle from the ground up with all available options. It also helps you calculate real-time lease and finance options. You can even save your vehicle(s) in our system with no commitments at all (so you don't have to start over every time). You have the freedom and ability to proceed with ordering your built vehicle at any time.