The tire gauge is a basic tool that inserts into the valve on the sidewall. If the tire's suggested psi is 33, that's the air level to maintain. Inflate or deflate the tire as necessary to ensure proper air pressure. Otherwise, you'll run into problems.

Low air pressure undermines the tires' ability to do its job. Fuel economy suffers, and the treads wear out. Maybe it is a good idea to perform a "penny check" to determine the remaining tread depth. Once the treads become too low, don't expect maximum the tire to get traction. Also, the tires will require replacing when the treads degrade.

Overinflation creates other problems for tire performance. An overinflated tire can blowout even when experiencing little impact on the road. Overinflation also affects performance and handling.

At Volvo Cars Oklahoma City, we can help service your tires and perform other maintenance. Please make an appointment at our service department in Edmond, OK today.

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