A crystal clear windshield is essential for good visibility. Both are critical to driver safety, but eroded or malfunctioning windshield wiper blades can result in blurry, smudged windshields that are very unsafe when you're on the road. Here's our Volvo Cars Oklahoma City team's basic guide on how to spot declining wiper blades and when to replace them.

Wiper blades that have gone bad often leave your windshield streaked or smudged with moisture or dirt. This is the result of blades that are eroded, brittle, hard, split, and broken. Many factors lead to wiper blade degradation. Friction and extreme seasonal temperatures are the two main culprits.

Moisture, car wax oils, ultraviolet rays, and airborne debris are some other enemies of wiper blades. Since wiper blades are an exterior automotive feature, they even get bombarded during inclement weather. To avoid the effects of degraded wiper blades, try to have them replaced every six months or at least once annually.


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