Giving your vehicle a wheel alignment is the best way to ensure it is driving straight on the road. A properly aligned vehicle will provide you with a safer, smoother and more fuel-efficient ride. Stop at Volvo Cars Oklahoma City and get all the information you need on wheel alignments.

Despite being told that our vehicles need regular alignments, we tend to forget about them until we get new tires and are reminded. Here are some signs your vehicle may need an alignment.
• Tires wearing out uneven or quicker than usual
• Steering wheel sways to the right or left if you let go of it
• Vehicle sways to one direction when you're driving straight
• Tires are squealing
• You're getting a bumpier ride while traveling on a smooth road

If you've noticed that your vehicle is exhibiting any of the above signs, give us a call or stop at our Oklahoma City dealership, and allow us to service your vehicle.



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