Whether you're on smooth Oklahoma City, OK streets or rough off-road paths, the Volvo XC90 has the features to keep you safe and comfortable. This popular luxury SUV is available with an air suspension system that adapts to your environment.

This feature is available at Volvo Cars Oklahoma City as an optional upgrade for many models. On the top-of-the-line Excellence build, it's standard. Each wheel has an adaptable air suspension. As a result, each wheel can move independently over potholes and uneven surfaces. This creates a smooth and refined driving experience wherever you go. The suspension system is coupled with Volvo's Four-C technology.

The Four-C system automatically adjusts to road conditions. Multiple sensors keep track of how the SUV is moving, what type of environment you're in, and how you're driving. Data is gathered 500 times a second, ensuring that the Volvo XC90 can make accurate adjustments. With this information, the shock absorbers will adapt to produce a smooth ride.

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