Android Auto Works Hard to Keep Drivers Well Connected

In years past, if drivers wished to interact with their vehicles they needed to do so through a bewildering variety of knobs, buttons, and switches. Not only were these old systems difficult to manage while driving, but they also pose safety hazards in terms of driver awareness. The good news is, those days are long gone and modern connectivity technologies such as the iconic Android Auto system allows drivers to interact with a wide variety of vehicular systems with only their voices.

One such voice activated system that is proprietary to Android Auto is the specialized Google Assistant. If and when drivers need to interact with applications, check the contents of text messages, or even make phone calls they can do so by issuing simple commands to their Google Assistant service.

Android Auto also includes help for drivers who need to access traffic or navigation-related information. Applications such as Waze and Google Maps work seamlessly with Android Auto to provide drivers and passengers with updated information relevant to their journeys.

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