Staying Safe in the Volvo XC40

When you're cruising in the new Volvo XC40, you can rest easy knowing that this vehicle is built to keep you safe in the worst-case scenario. The luxury subcompact SUV has a unique frame that's engineered to handle crash energy efficiently. We here at Volvo Cars Oklahoma City are proud to show off what this SUV has to offer.

The cabin of the SUV is made out of boron steel. It has a very high tensile strength, helping it hold up in collisions. Volvo used this material to create a safety cage that can dissipate crash energy quickly. This may reduce the effects of the impact on those who are inside.

Drivers in Oklahoma City, OK will also appreciate the Side Impact Protection System. Also known as SIPS, this system can help to absorb and dissipate the force of side impacts. High-strength steel and softer grades of steel are used strategically to keep passengers safe. Inside the cabin, a full array of airbags also helps to provide additional safety. Many of the airbags include sensors that can adjust the airbags based on the collision.

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