If you want a sedan that is luxurious inside and out, take a look at the Volvo S90 Inscription at Volvo Cars Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City, OK. The S90 has a lot of room inside, so you will never feel cramped in. This vehicle also is a safe vehicle with many features to keep you safe as you head down the road. The interior of the S90 Inscription is noteworthy.

One of the nicest features that you will find on the Volvo S90 Inscription is the four-zone climate control. This feature allows the heating and cooling inside to be set to the comfort level of each person in the vehicle. Once the temperature in each zone is set, the system will maintain the temperature.

The Volvo S90 Inscription also features laminated glass throughout the vehicle. This type of glass is designed to keep the outside noises from disturbing you inside of the Volvo S90 Inscription.

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