Stay Confident in the Volvo S60

For drivers in Edmond, safety is often top of mind when it comes to a new car purchase. That's where the Volvo S60 shines. Built with a range of handy safety features, this popular luxury compact sedan can help you head out with peace of mind.

Your headlights play a big role in your driving safety. In the S60, you never need to worry about adjusting your lights; the daytime sensor monitors the ambient light and selects the correct lighting level. Driving in the fog? The fog lights have come with cornering, so they move as you go around a corner for effective illumination.

When you're driving, it's easy to miss road signs. The S60 is always on alert; it looks out for signs and then displays them for you, so you always know when there's been a speed limit change. See how the system functions when you visit us at Volvo Cars Oklahoma City to test drive the S60.


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